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  1. Hello christoskoukis,

    We´re a brazilian website named ARQ!BACANA and we discuss abou architecture, urbanism, design and arts ( We really liked your work and we would like to publish it in our website. We can pickup your pictures and this vídeo above?! |Please let us know if you are ok with our publication about your masterpiece.
    Thank´s a lot,

  2. Hey Christo,

    My name is Ryan, and along with a couple friends, I run a blog thats dedicated to showcasing innovative, emergent student architecture work. We had seen your project on evolo, and really liked your work. We posted about metaplasia today, and just wanted to share it with you. If you don’t want us to show your work, let us know and we will take it down. Here’s the link to the post about your work:

    We’re always trying to spread the word about the blog, and get submissions from other students. So if you like our blog, let your friends know about it, and encourage them to submit some of their work too.



    Futures+Design / Facebook

    //Ryan Stokes
    //Sean Cahalin
    //Viagnehy Fernandez

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