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the evolution of the versions of the horizontal sections was made by following a specific pattern which is most visible in v4. This version is the one that is transferred into maya and replaces the imprints of the blograms. The sections are entered as curves and with the following script are changed to nurbs surfaces:

string $epipeda[];
for($i=0; $i<=320; $i++){
$epipeda[$i]= “epipeda_” + $i;
select -r $epipeda[$i];
planarSrf -ch 1 -d 3 -ko 0 -tol 10000000 -rn 0 -po 0  ;

next with the following script the planars are changed to polyplanes:

string $epifaneies[];
for($i=1; $i<=321; $i++){
$epifaneies[$i]= “planarTrimmedSurface” + $i;
select -r $epifaneies[$i];
nurbsToPoly -mnd 1  -ch 1 -f 2 -pt 1 -pc 1 -chr 0.9 -ft 0.01 -mel 0.001 -d 0.1 -ut 1 -un 3 -vt 1 -vn 3 -uch 0 -ucr 0 -cht 0.01 -es 0 -ntr 0 -mrt 0 -uss 1;

next the polyplanes are extruded so as to be modified again in 3d space with this script:

string  $epipeda[];
for($x=1; $x<=321; $x++){
$epipeda[$x]= “nurbsToPoly” + $x;
select -r $epipeda[$x];
string $extrude[]= polyExtrudeFacet ($epipeda[$x]);
setAttr ($extrude[0] + “.localTranslate”) -type double3 0 0 0.035;

now instead of having blograms we can manipulate “levels” and create the heart of the stadium, the circulation, that will define spaces, uses and the stadium itself:)


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