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The first step was to hold the 71% of allianz arena’s blograms and transfer them to the site of N.Philadelpheia.
The blogram placement is not a plan but a diagrammatic overview of the organization of the site. The blograms do not represent build environment but uses and limits between them in a conceptual way.

the blogram placement was made by the use of the following script:

string $blogram1[];
for($x=269; $x<=374; $x++){
$blogram1[$x]= “pasted__blogram1_” + $x;
select -r $blogram1[$x];
int $q = rand(120,260);
int $w = rand(4,8);
int $e = rand(180,309);
int $r = rand(30,31);
move $q 0 $e;
rotate 0 0 0;

$x represent the numerical id of each blogram,
and the variables represent the spatial limits between the uses(different every time)

After the placement of the blograms lines were drawn that represent uses relations and placement along the court, always taking into account the previous analysis of the site’s circulation.


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