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With the use of 2 scripts,

for($j=1; $j<419; $j++){
$blob = “test8_blogram_” + $j;
select -r $blob;
string $poly[] = `ls -sl`;

if($poly[0] != “”)


string $verts[] = `polyInfo -fv $poly[0]`;
string $vert[] = stringToStringArray($verts[0],
“FACE :”);
string $obj[] = `ls -sl -objectsOnly`;

int $numVerts = (`size ($vert)`-2);

float $px=0;
float $py=0;
float $pz=0;

for ($i=1; $i< ($numVerts+1); $i++)
string $vertID = ($obj[0]+”.vtx[“+$vert[$i]+”]”);
float $pos[] = `xform -q -ws -t $vertID`;
$px += $pos[0];
$py += $pos[1];
$pz += $pos[2];

vector $center = <<($px/$numVerts), ($py/$numVerts),

print (“center point of “+$poly[0]+ ” is: “+ $center);

int $curveExists = (`objExists (“curve_pt_” + $i)`);
if($curveExists == 0)
string $initialCurve = (`curve -p ($px/$numVerts) ($py/$numVerts) ($pz/$numVerts) -degree 1`);
rename $initialCurve (“curve_pt_” + $i);
if($curveExists == 1)
curve -a -p ($px/$numVerts) ($py/$numVerts) ($pz/$numVerts) (“curve_pt_” + $i);


for ($a=0; $a<418; $a++){
$blob = “test5_blogram_” + $a;
select -r $blob;
int $x= rand(-25,25);
int $y= rand(-2,4);
int $z= rand(-25,25);
int $k= rand(-25,-10);
int $l= rand(10,25);
int $j= rand($k,$l);
print (” — “+$j);
if ($x>-10 && $x<10)
move ($l/10) $y ($j/10);
else if ($x<=-10 || $x>=10)
move ($x/10) $y ($z/10);

the blograms are placed with a certain logic. The more we approach the football court, the bigger the density, of uses and connections, becomes, as shown in the pictures. The density and connectivity graduation is shown in the picture that has all the blograms in 2 arrays. On top is the openness (from little to more) and at the bottom is the connectivity (from big to small).


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