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First we select our blograms.
Then according to the number of the blograms that we want to connect, we change the
number in the start of the following script(in our case we take into account all the
blograms). The script is going to calculate the centre of each one of our blograms and
it will create a curve point inside them. Then with another script we are going to
connect these centres and visualize the current connections between the blograms.


for($j=1; $j<419; $j++){
$blob = "test6_blogram_" + $j;
select -r $blob;
string $poly[] = `ls -sl`;

if($poly[0] != "")


string $verts[] = `polyInfo -fv $poly[0]`;
string $vert[] = stringToStringArray($verts[0],
"FACE :");
string $obj[] = `ls -sl -objectsOnly`;

int $numVerts = (`size ($vert)`-2);

float $px=0;
float $py=0;
float $pz=0;

for ($i=1; $i< ($numVerts+1); $i++)
string $vertID = ($obj[0]+".vtx["+$vert[$i]+"]");
float $pos[] = `xform -q -ws -t $vertID`;
$px += $pos[0];
$py += $pos[1];
$pz += $pos[2];

vector $center = <>;

print (“center point of “+$poly[0]+ ” is: “+ $center);

xform -os -t ($center.x) ($center.y) ($center.z)
string $initialCurve = (`curve -p ($px/$numVerts) ($py/$numVerts) ($pz/$numVerts)`) ;


The script i used is in this site:

In the pictures above is a visualization of the procedure.


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