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first we build our curves and then we make them goal for our particles

i decided to manage fewer lines than the previous examples, so we change the emmition
rate to 2 (current situation)

we make layers so as to categorize our stuff

in the goal offset expression in both the particleShapes i changed the numerical data to
for the particles to have more space to interact in the later steps.

next after some experiment with the particles attributes i changed(in the goal weights and

objects menu) the Goal Smoothness to 6.000 and the curve Shape to 0.400

after the source of the script we take the first curves before any fields apply to our


next we insert a radial field and we change its magnitude to 3.5 (repeller) and its attenuation

to 1.7, we make its volume shape to sphere so as to view the a.o.e.

first we test the results in the particleShape1

then we make the particleShape2 to be affected by the field we have created

we can observe that when the particles insert the radial field their Y direction (height) tend to

go to value 0. and some of the particle are pushed away from the field’s source.

after that we insert a new radial field but this time it will be used as an attractor, so its

magnitude will have a negative value. In this case i gave it -5.000, a rather big value in

association with the previous field but that way we can visualize the results more easily, and

understand the forces applied to the particles.


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