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we do the same stuff like if we had 1 curve that would be our goal for the particles

in the first curve we apply the ParticleToCurve script and we see the trails created

in the second curve we apply the same script BUT we change the name : curve_pt (pt stands for the particletrail)
to curve_npt(npt stands for the new particle trail)

if we do not change that name, the points from the previous created curves from the curve 1 will be taken into consideration
for the creation of the curves from the curve 2 and there will be a mess.

when we rename the curves first we change the name from : curve_pt to old
next curve_npt to n_old
. . .
. . .
. . .

next we apply whatever field we like, do the same procedure with the layers and the colors and we have 2 dynamical systems instead of 1 😀


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